Opening ceremony of Chongqing Manufacturing Base

2022-07-01 16:28:06

On June 30, with the shining sun and roaring drums, Shenzhan LIKYLIN Technology Co., Ltf. (shortened as the "Likylin ") held a grand opening ceremony in the Linkylin witpark of the Qijiang district of Chongqing. Local relevant leaders, the chairman of Yunan Company, leaders of Likylin group leaders along with more than 100 leaders and distinguished guests from all circles in Shenzhen, were invited to attend the opening ceremony.


Linkylin Technology is established on  Feburary 5th  2022 and located in Building 1, No. 57, Jinfu Avenue, Gunan Street, Qijiang District, Chongqing. The project is divided into two phases with a total investment of USD$40 million. The first phase has been completed and put into operation. The equipped top-level automated equipmentsgreatly improves product efficiency and enhance product quality effectively. With the introduction of international advanced testing and analysis instruments,which helps our R&D test center and product quality inspection center putting forward higher requirements for product quality.


President Li of Likylin expressed that the production of Chongqing NEWLED Technology Co., Ltd. for NEWLED Group, represents another milestone of the realization to reach enterprise’s strategic goal.The large R&D production base smartly produced cover indoor & outdoor HD products, display semiconductor chips, HD display solutions, signage transmission security solutions, transparent soft film screens , photoelectric glass screen solutions, providing customers with the optimal LED overall solutions and commercial media service platform.

Served as a supplier with optical display technology, we mainly providing LED display products and optical display solutions as the core.  Likylin adheres the development driven by innovation, sticks to the original intentions to found the enterprise-‘Make contributions to the development of industry. Benefit the social progress," focuses on science,technology and design. We are committed to becoming a leader in the optical display industry,  contributing to the informatization, digitization and intelligent technology of "likylin intelligence". In the future, we will carry out more cooperatiosn with more well-known enterprises in domestic and foreign to open a new chapter !